Apparently lightsaber fitness classes are a thing now, and they've been popping up in cities all over the country. Ask your local gym if they offer "Awaken Your Inner Force" workouts.

Precision Parkour

Each workout uses realistic-looking lightsabers that give you an opportunity to practice your sparring skills while mixing in cardio and body-weight conditioning. It is similar to any type of martial arts training involving staffs, swords or sticks.

The workouts were designed by watching fight scenes from the movies and applying those movements to sword basics and easy-to-learn "blade on blade" fight choreography, Mylett said.

Each class begins by warming up the arms and wrists. Then, the students are taught some basic lightsaber movements, focusing on proper form, aim, speed and power, Mylett said. Next, the instructors teach the choreography of the workout using a number system so students can remember the moves before partnering up to practice, he said.

Live Science

Each workout is ended with some short Force meditation.