Finally, Lego is looking out for all the parents that have ever stepped on a stray plastic block barefooted. There's a new line of slippers with extra-thick soles, specifically designed to protect your foot when you step on a Lego.

There are only 1,500 pairs of these specialized slippers being shipped out. To try and get your own, you'll have to fill out a Christmas wishlist on the Lego France website.


You can see how thick the padding is in this production video:

LEGO NOEL 2015 par Brand Station

Car vos enfants adorent les #LEGO ... mais qu'ils adorent par-dessus tout partager leur passion dans toute la maison ... cette année, nous avons imaginé pour vous parents LE cadeau ultime pour #Noël : des chaussons LEGO à la semelle rembourrée qui vous permettront de vous balader en pleine nuit dans la maison ... sans le moindre souci ! ;) #NoelLEGO2015

Posted by Brand Station on Monday, November 9, 2015

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