Here on the Dwyer and Michaels Show, we don't know, "Beans with the bag open" about sports, so if we're talking about it, sure must have been an interesting weekend.

First the Sox. Pitcher Danny Farquahar collapsed during his outing against the Houston Astros. He is still hospitalized, and he's the lucky one in the Sox Lineup! The rest of the Sox had to endure a weekend 37-2 drubbing by the World Series champs.

Cubs pin-up Kris Bryant took a pitch to the helmet, and his sunglasses scratched the area above his dreamy blue eyes. When the umps refused to eject the pitcher who would commit such an atrocity (On an 0-2 count) one of the coaches in the Cubs' dugout threw a drink at the crew. Classy.

But I guess the biggest note from the weekend: The Cardinals are in First. Thus ends our Famous Monday Morning Baseball recap!

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