Black Sabbath are one of the greatest bands in the history — we all know that. But does the youth of today realize the insurmountable impact the Birmingham bunch had on music and will they recognize some of the most time-honored songs ever? That's what the popular Kids React YouTube series found out.

Fortunately, this group of kids are all familiar with immortal tracks like "Paranoid" and "Iron Man," with one recognizing the song as the theme song from the Iron Man film and others recalling the pair of songs from countless times dear ol' dad has played them. "Everyone knows this song," said one kid of "Iron Man." The kids are quick to single out Ozzy Osbourne's unique vocal timbre and that Black Sabbath are a guitar-centric band and surely any Sabbath nut watching this video will be transported to that life-altering time where you were first introduced to the might of Tony Iommi's riffing.

Up next was "War Pigs," which threw the group off balance a bit with its slower pace, dramatic instrumental pauses and the morbid face value lyrics as they're unaware of the song's deeper meaning, condemning the Vietnam War. With those three staples out of the way, the kids were then thrust into the heart of darkness as the haunting "Black Sabbath" played out. "It sounds like a scary movie song," said one girl while another lamented, "Halloween is over. Sorry, Ozzy Osbourne."

After the song finished, the effect it had appeared to be profound as some squirmed in their seat as they described the song's chilling mood. Nearly 50 years later, "Black Sabbath" still wields the same power it did when it was released. "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" and "N.I.B." were the final doses of metal's founders these kids got and when they reflected on what they heard, all seemed pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoyed the music, again noting Ozzy's voice and Iommi's guitar work.

"There's being cool, there's being extreme, there's being hardcore... and then there's just being totally insane," one boy commented after learning about Ozzy's infamous bat-biting incident. If the music didn't leave a mark, that little factoid should stick with them.

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