A U.K. resident's son had one wish for his birthday, and that was to be picked up from school by his favorite movie hero.

Sam Murphy's son Carter told him his only wish for his birthday was to be picked up from school by Jason Voorhees, and Sam wasn't about to let him down. Sam contacted a local special effects expert who agreed to dress up as the lead suspect in 146 murder cases.

He contacted the school, who said they didn't want a movie character with serial killer tendencies standing outside the gate at the school during pickup, so Jason had to wait around the corner.

Sam caught a few seconds of Jason walking Carter home from school hand-in-hand on video, and explained why the hand holding meant even more to him.

"It was quite a nice experience, he was walking down the street holding hands with Jason. He has issues with touching, he won't hold my hand." He goes on to explain that Carter has Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

The part of Jason was played by local special effects guru Tony Gartland, who took the costume next level by being in character the whole time he was with Carter.

Jason gave Carter a shirt with his face on it, which Sam says Carter's yet to take off, saying "I can't even get it in the wash."

The two walked home from school where Carter showed his hero the toy collection he has.

Carter was even brave enough to narc on Jason for wearing his shoes in the house.

"Jason came into the house with his shoes on and Carter said, 'Dad, Jason left his shoes on' and I replied, 'Well, I'm not telling him to take them off.'"

After the visit was over, Sam and Carter drove Jason back to the city so he could "Go on a killing spree."

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