An affidavit filed with the Sedgwick County District Court has shown more details about a plotted riot at the Sedgwick County Jail.

Former detention deputy, 22-year-old Dustin Burnett, was arrested after officials say he saw the inmates break a window and get their contraband through, but didn't stop it or tell anyone what he saw. The sheriff says Burnett didn't give investigators the full story when he was questioned.

The affidavit states that an interview with an inmate who wanted to give investigators the whole story about the broken window in his cell but would not agree to talk unless he was going to be moved to a new jail for his own safety.

The inmate who broke the window did so by "lighting hemorrhoid cream on fire and melting the plastic in the window.”

It reportedly took the inmate approximately three and a half hours to get the hole in the window. He came into the cell with a drain pipe, and after holding the flame to the window, pushed a hole through the softened plastic with the pipe.

After the sun went down, inmates went into the cell and called a woman using their jail tablet and directed her to the broken window. Then, using a rope made out of torn linens from the bedsheets, smuggled contraband into the jail.

According to the inmate spilling the beans, Burnett opened the door to the cell and found all of the inmates pulling items into the jail. One inmate showed Burnett a sock full of contraband that had been pulled through.

Sedgwick County Sheriff
Sedgwick County Sheriff

Burnett turned away from the cell and simply said "Don't get into trouble."

Burnett is jailed with a $150,000 bond for official misconduct, and $100,000 bond for charges relating to unlawful sexual relations charges stemming from reports with female inmates.

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