The holidays might be a joyful time of year for some, but for others, it can be a very difficult season to get through. Things are tight for many families here in the Hawkeye State.

Between paying for the basic necessities, to buying presents for friends and family in your life, the budget is stretched pretty thin during this time of year.

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According to reports, one in seven households in Iowa struggle to meet a basic-needs budget. Approximately 27% of single people in Iowa face this struggle along with 45% of single parents.

Des Moines has the highest number of families with "incomes below self-sufficiency."

Unsplash - Alexander Mils
Unsplash - Alexander Mils

How Much Should You Make to Live Comfortably?

Obviously, how much one has to make to live comfortably depends on several different factors. Where you live, whether or not you live with someone, relationship status, and age are some things to take into consideration.

If you are a single parent with only one child; it is recommended that you make at least $21.16 an hour. However, if there are two working parents in the house and they have two children, they ought to each make at least $16.11 an hour.


In a household where there is one working parent, one stay at home parent, and two children, one must have an hourly wage of at least $21.59.

GoBankingRates put together a list of the livable wages that people in each state ought to earn. According to this report, an Iowan should make $54,901. 

The Hawkeye State has a relatively low cost of living. Reports say that the housing costs are about $3,900 lower than the national average.

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