One eastern Iowa sports bar is probably thankful Michigan didn't run up the score more against Iowa last weekend.

It's no secret that Michigan was the heavy favorite to win the Big 10 Championship against the Iowa Hawkeyes. Sports bars across Iowa were glued to the game, watching our defense shut down drive after drive (and just a few fumbles from our offense). I was just hoping we could get on the scoreboard and so was a Cedar Rapids sports bar.

X Golf Cedar Rapids rolled out a promotion that cost the bar money, but they told KCRG that they have no regrets.

What The Shutout Meant For The Bar

2023 Big Ten Championship - Iowa v Michigan
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If there's one thing Iowans can do, it's drink. We're celebrating something? Cheers! We're depressed about something? Pour another one.

X Golf Cedar Rapids did a thing called Pour Till They Score during the Iowa/Michigan game. Anyone who signed up to play on the bar's golf simulator got free beers until Iowa scored. Which, as we know all too well, was never.

The bar told KCRG that the promotion ended up being about 100 free beers, which cost the bar about $500 but the staff said that they're fine with it and they will have another promotion for Iowa's bowl game against Tennessee on New Year's Day. Which hopefully we'll win.

Sports Illustrated even posted about the bar's promotion.

Pour Till They Score isn't anything new for the bar. X Golf Cedar Rapids has had this promotion going through the season.

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