It's been an awesome 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair with these incredible grandstand acts. On Thursday night, Lil Jon and Ludacris took the stage to put on two epic shows. The crowd was going crazy, having an awesome time, and partying it up.

During his set, Lil Jon did everyone a favor and finally confirmed exactly where the window and the wall are in his hit song Get Low. Forever, it seems like people have been pointing in whichever direction they feel like or to literal windows and walls.

Connor Kenney
Connor Kenney

But in case you didn't know, there is actually a right answer to where in fact the window and the wall are actually located. The next time this song comes on at the bar or a party, you can tell your friends exactly where they are.

Lil Jon & Ludacris Rocked The Mississippi Valley Fair

It was a perfect night on Wednesday, August 3rd, at the 2023 Mississippi Valley Fair. Lil Jon took the grandstand stage before Ludacris and both of them absolutely killed it.

Lil Jon being a DJ and producer was mixing his songs, and other hits, and got the crowd wild. Halfway through his set, he busted out his hit from 2003, Get Low which he did with The East Side Boyz.

As he was doing the song, he stopped and told the crowd at the Mississippi Valley Fair that after 20 years of the song being played no one still knows where the window and the wall are at. To help everyone out, he told them exactly where they are, a.k.a. where to point.

Where Are The Window & The Wall?

Are you ready for the answer? Here you go.

  • Window = Point to the Right
  • Wall = Point to the Left

The more you know.

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