The search is about to be on to find Bigfoot in our area of the country.

Bigfoot is on par with aliens in things that you may or may not believe in. The legend has been around forever- he's supposed to be an ape-like creature who's about 7 feet tall who creeps around through the forests of North America.


He's Been Reported Seen In Iowa & The QCA

I've seen some men that look like Bigfoot, and I've seen some weird unaccounted-for occurrences. But whether or not you believe Bigfoot is real, there's been a bunch of reported sightings of Sasquatch in Iowa, according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. The last one in the state reported to them happened in 2018. Dubuque County has the most sightings, with six total. Two explanations of older "sightings" in Scott County are these:

Campers hear loud scream at close range near Wapsipinicon River.


Man recalls observing possible tracks and being screamed at on his paper route in Eldridge.

Other explanations in Iowa reports of Bigfoot sightings include weird knocks on a nearby door and seeing something weird cross the road at midnight.

The Next Expedition Will Be In Eastern Iowa

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization will be coming to eastern Iowa in May to search for Bigfoot. If you're wondering why he might be here, the organization looks at a few factors:

  • Human population density
  • Amount of forest land & plants
  • Amount of whitetail deer killed

Also this:

Every animal species in Iowa benefits from the corn farming even when the corn is not in season. Cornfields boost the abundance of animals, birds and insects that shelter in the forests during the day. Every herbivore, from mice to deer, forages for fallen corn throughout the year. Top level predators like bigfoots can exploit corn-boosted abundance even if corn is not a large part of their diet.

Iowa's expedition is May 11-14. It's a fairly pricey expedition though, with a registration fee of anywhere between $300-$500 and you'll need to bring camping supplies. It's not posted where exactly in eastern Iowa the expedition will be but obviously somewhere in the woods.

Details about it can be found here if you're ready to go.

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