You can laugh at the Midwest all you want, but one of the safest states in the nation is here.

Often times when we're traveling, we may think to ourselves: "Oh God, I have to go through that state??" Some states just don't feel as comfy as others but Iowa has nothing to worry about.

A recent study by WalletHub looked at the safest states in the nation. This was based on five main metrics:

  • Personal & residential safety
  • Financial safety
  • Road safety
  • Workplace safety
  • Emergency preparedness

Those broke down further into:

  • Fatalities per 100 Million Vehicle Miles of Travel
  • Law Enforcement employees per capita
  • Assaults per capita
  • Bullying incidents rates
  • Unemployment rate
  • Share of uninsured population
  • Percentage of adults with rainy-day funds
  • Total loss amount from climate disasters per capita
  • Fatal occupational injuries per total workers

Iowa Is Super Safe


So in the five metrics, here's how we did:

  • 6th- Personal & Residential Safety
  • 18th- Financial Safety
  • 3rd- Road Safety
  • 6th- Workplace Safety
  • 47th- Emergency Preparedness

We're really that safe on roads? Really? And we're really that awful on emergency preparedness? We had a high 'bullying incidence' rate too and we ranked high in 'Total Loss Amount from Climate Disasters per Capita'. So we've had sassy moments and we've lost a lot from stuff like twisters.

There must be enough good to balance out the bad because the study found Iowa is the 11th safest state in America.

Maybe all of that Iowa Nice is ultimately paying off?

The Rest Of The Midwest

Source: WalletHub

Iowa is topped only by our neighbors up north, Minnesota. They ranked 8th safest state. Illinois is way behind, coming in at #33. Wisconsin ranked #22 and Missouri is an abysmal 41.

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