We got a lot of snow, but where can you get rid of it?

We may have a break in the snowstorm, but we're not done with it yet. Our pals at KWQC say that we could get anywhere from another 6-12" on Friday. On the plus side, we're getting in our workouts this week. We've done the brushing, the shoveling, and my guy friend spent a lot of time yesterday walking around with the snowblower.

A lot of houses are close together and it can be super frustrating when someone blows snow off of their property onto yours, making a mess after you just cleaned it. You don't want to be a 'Karen' about it but it can be so frustrating.

When Not To Take The Snowblower Out

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Snowblower etiquette says that you should avoid getting the snowblower out early in the morning or at night, so your best time to do it is anytime 7:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. Family Handyman says you shouldn't wait until it stops snowing to get the snowblower out, instead when it gets to about 6 inches of accumulation.

Iowa Law & Where The Snow Goes

You can't blow snow into your neighbor's yard in Iowa. Or at least you should try not to. Stanley Law Firm says that in Iowa, blowing snow into your neighbor's yard is legally considered trespassing.

In theory, you could sue your neighbor (or your neighbor could sue you) for it, but pffft that's definitely not worth any kind of effort. The snow will melt, chill. Literally.

Iowa Code does also require that you clean any snow and ice off of your own property. So if you haven't already warmed up the snowblower for the season, I'd start now, you'll likely need it this weekend.

Don't get any ideas about starting snowy drama with your neighbors this week.

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