Ian Anderson hailed the work of Lou Gramm, and said he was glad the former Foreigner singer couldn't play the flute.

In a recent interview with Spin, the Jethro Tull leader – who joked he was best known for "standing on one flute playing my leg" – discussed some of his favorite albums and listed the 2008 Foreigner compilation No End in Sight among them.

"I came to Foreigner quite late, but grew to rate Lou Gramm as the best tenor rock singer of all time," Anderson said, praising his "perfect intonation, diction and ornamentation." He joked: "Thank God he can't play the flute!"

Anderson explained he preferred to buy compilations because "they serve as a good introduction to artists of all times and musical styles." He also reported that he preferred "downloaded and paid-for music on my phone or computer," and that it was important to listen "on very good headphones or speakers." He went on to say that he wasn't a big music fan. "I prefer reading news, politics and current affairs. With occasional Scandi noir novels or Stephen King."

Perhaps surprisingly, he said he'd recently discovered Morrissey’s music, and found it interesting enough to read the English singer's memoir. “I didn't know Morrissey at all until very recently when I read some controversial comments reported in the media," Anderson said. "Having then listened to some early songs, I bought his autobiography in which he reveals the traumas and tribulations of childhood and his early days with the Smiths through to the recent past. But his songs have a real elegance and are built around economical and minimalist melodies. Poetic, insightful lyrics and not half as miserable as people make him out to be! A bit of a humorist, actually."

Earlier this year, Jethro Tull released their 23rd album RokFlote. The band is scheduled to commence a U.S. tour on Aug. 18.

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