Here's how much America loves sugar for breakfast: Today is the SECOND National Pancake Day of the year. There's one in March that IHOP does, and a second one on September 26th (today).

A survey last year found only 7% of us DON'T like pancakes. And a poll earlier this month found they're our fourth favorite breakfast food behind eggs, sausage, and toast.

A brand new survey just looked at how often we eat breakfast when it's NOT breakfast time. And it's more popular than you might think.

Over two-thirds of people said they sometimes eat breakfast foods at off-hours. Including 50% who do it regularly, meaning at least once a month.

Young people are more likely to enjoy breakfast for dinner, or "brinner." 87% said it's great, compared to 68% of baby boomers.

And 80% of Americans said breakfast foods are also good for a midnight snack.

That doesn't mean we're making pancakes or whipping up a quiche at 1:00 A.M. though. The survey didn't look at the most popular late-night breakfast foods. But #1 is probably cereal.

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