Every February 22nd, our nation sets aside their quarrels and comes together for one thing we can all celebrate; National Margarita Day.

In 1938, the father of the drink, Carlos "Danny" Herrera, made the cocktail for Marjorie King. She was allergic to most spirits, but not tequila.

Who the creator of the drink actually is has become a controversial subject, with many believing it was created by Francisco “Pancho” Morales in Juarez. He has the backing of a Mexican newspaper, Notimex, but they say he created it in 1942.

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A woman in Dallas, by the name of Margarita Sames, also claims to have created the cocktail. Tommy Hilton, who was among the guests she made the drink for, brought it to his hotel chains to be on the menu. Very soon, Jose Cuervo began running ad campaigns with the slogan "Margarita: It's more than just a girl's name."

How to Celebrate:

Among ideas you may have, the "official" ways to celebrate just sound like my average Taco Tuesday.

  • Make it Margarita Night: Invite some friends over and try your hand at making some yourself, and see what kind of crazy mix-in ideas you can come up with.
  • Pair Tacos and Margaritas: Head to your favorite Mexican restaurant to enjoy a match made in heaven. If you want to really get feisty, get some Fajitas with your 'Garitas.
  • Tequila Tour: Have a few friends come by, all bringing their own bottle of tequila to share. Have a tasting night. If you choose this option, I definitely recommend taking the day off work tomorrow.

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