Update: Samantha sent us a couple of photos of the experience she and her mom were gifted by the NFL.

Samantha Jensen
Samantha Jensen
Samantha Jensen
Samantha Jensen


A pair of Des Moines nurses are headed for the Super Bowl.

Samantha Jensen and her mom, Billie Kucharo, are among the 7,500 health care workers that've been given free tickets to Super Bowl 55 by the NFL. They were chosen after Samantha's wife contacted the NFL about the game long before any announcement was made, because they had already planned to be on a family vacation in Miami.

All the two had to do was get vaccinated before they go.

Billie, who works for Veterans Affairs, was able to get vaccinated at work, but things were a bit more complicated for Samantha, who is an operating room nurse. After being put on a long waiting list, she finally was able to get hers.

Not only are the two going to the big game, they're almost sitting on the field, in section 137.

Billie helps with scheduling and is in the operating room for much of her typical shift.

Not only are they going to the game, but they also received invitations to a party for healthcare workers in Tampa.

The two gave their predictions to WHO-TV. Billie thinks Kansas City will win 42-28, while Samantha thinks it'll be a closer came, at 48-42, with Kansas City still bringing home the trophy.


Here's Dwyer and Michaels' interview with Sam


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