We live in an era where Internet trolls are everywhere, and the social networks don't seem like they're in a hurry to do anything about it. So where are the trolls thriving the most?


"Wired" studied 92 million online comments from more than two million people, and here's what they found:

  • Park Forest, Illinois is the troll capital of America. 34% of the comments posted from there are hostile with a catch, 99% of those come from just two a-holes. Bellflower, California is number two in trolling.
  • Sharpsburg, Georgia is the nicest online city in America, with only 0.8% of its comments being hostile.
  • Vermont has the highest troll rate of any state, with 12.2% hostile comments. Right next door in New Hampshire, there's the lowest troll rate of any state, with only 4.7% hostile comments.
  • Other big trolling states are Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia.
  • The other friendliest states are Oklahoma, Wyoming, West Virginia, and Maine.

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