Here's all you need to know for Easter this year: People are still putting time, effort, and money into ridiculous survey's for DJ's to talk about on the air and the internet.

And for that I'm thankful.

  • For instance...people were asked is there was a "right" way to eat a chocolate bunny?  A new survey found that some people believe there is . . . 78% of people say you've got to eat it ears first. 11% eat it feet first, and then there's the freaks of the world...11% eat it tail first.
  • People were also asked how this year will be different from last years pandemic Easter.  55% of people will celebrate Easter at home this year, versus 68% last year . . . and 18% will go to church this year, versus 10% last year.

Illinois does Brunch...Iowa does dinner

  • Then there's the time of day that you celebrate with your family for Easter.  Brunch vs Dinner. According to Google Trends, people have been doing a LOT more searching for Easter dinner than Easter brunch. Only Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona, Colorado, and Hawaii will plan on doing Easter Brunch.  It's a toss up for Texas, California, Minnesota, and South Dakota.  And in every other state they'll be doing Easter Dinner.

Which begs the "dinner" at lunch time or is "dinner" the evening meal?  Is it Breakfast/Dinner/Supper or Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner?

Starbusrt Jelly Beans for Iowa...White Chocolate Eggs for Illinois

  • A new study found each state's favorite Easter treat.  And in 14 states, making it the top answer was . . . hard boiled eggs. Jelly beans won 11 states . . . and Peeps won eight.

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