A high school basketball player has been arrested and charged with assault after sucker-punching an opponent twice during the postgame handshakes.

In a press release, the Carlisle Police Department said 17-year-old Carter Prenosil of Des Moines struck a player of the Nevada high school team after a 72-47 win from Nevada.

In video captured from the live stream, the two teams pass by each other without incident, until Carter Prenosil met one of the players from the Nevada team.

Prenosil first sucker punches the player in the gut, then in the face. The player was unconscious after the second hit, which prompted one of the Nevada players to grab the Prenosil and pull him to the ground.

Carlisle Police said the Nevada player "sustained a loss of consciousness, injuries to his mouth and immediately received medical attention."

Nevada's superintendent, Dr. Steve Gray, told TMZ the player that was assaulted is okay.

"It's a very unfortunate situation," he told TMZ. "I'm happy they deescalated it. I thought our coaches and staff handled it well and got everyone out of there without it worsening."

Carlisle Police Department said in their presser that the 17-year-old Prenosil has been charged with Willful Injury-Causing Serious Injury - a Class C felony, arrested and booked into the Warren County Jail.

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