We've all felt the pain at the pump recently.  In fact, recently I ran my gas uncomfortably low before payday and ended up having to pay for gas in (gasp) Illinois before I was able to cross the river into the lower gas priced state of Iowa.  Then, once I got into Iowa I had to put more gas in so I could make it back home.

johnbcrist via YouTube
johnbcrist via YouTube

But you can be sure I didn't "fill up".

A little "help" from the government is on the way though, at least in Iowa.  Gov. Kim Reynolds signed legislation to make the E15 blend of ethanol available at most gas stations.  E15 contains more corn-based fuel and is usually cheaper by about 10 cents per gallon cheaper.

Illinois Plant Produces Alternate Fuel

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Be Patient

It's not going to happen right away, of course.  In fact, Iowa gas stations have until 2026 to offer the E15 blend of ethanol in at least one pump which right now only includes about 10 percent of Iowa gas stations, according to the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association.

Maryland Gas Station Offers Alternative Fuel
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Is E15 Good For My Car?

Good question.  If your car is a 2001 or later, you're probably fine (just consult your owner's manuals to be sure).  But don't use it in motorcycles, boats, chainsaws, lawnmowers, or other small engines.  Or heavy-duty engines.
It's a little confusing actually.

According to the RFA:

Ethanol is an affordable and effective tool for reducing emissions from the transportation sector that are harmful to our health.


Because ethanol is a pure compound that is 35 percent oxygen, it burns more cleanly and completely than gasoline, which can contain as many as 1,000 unique compounds.


Reducing these emissions means fewer cases of respiratory illnesses, asthma, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, and even fewer premature deaths.

But at least there seems to be some relief coming.  If not now...by 2026.  So until then, maybe you should ride a bike?

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