Good news for those who like to partake in the wacky tobaccy in the Hawkeye State. Democrats in Iowa look to be trying to legalize marijuana.

In fact they're not even putting it through to the governor to decide.  They're wanting to put it through as a constitutional amendment.

Sen. Janet Petersen, D-Des Moines, said it “takes the conversation to the people of Iowa. Constitutional amendments do not need to go to the governor for her approval.”

According to KWQC:

Three Iowa legislators revealed more details on their proposed amendment to legalize marijuana at a press conference on Wednesday.

The state senators call for The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division to regulate the sale of marijuana to adults 21 and older. If successful, Iowa would join Illinois and 18 other states in legalizing recreational marijuana.

The amendment would legalize the growing, selling and buying of all marijuana products for recreational use.

It would need to pass in both the state house and senate in two consecutive General Assemblies to get on a ballot. Once on the ballot more than half of Iowans would need to vote for the amendment for it to become a law.

Growing up, I was never a weed guy.  Part of that was growing up in the Nancy Reagan era, "Just Say No."  I had a few friends that were stoners but the majority of my little friend group were booze hounds.  It was around, but I wasn't partaking. I was too busy in a corn field making Root Beer Barrels and enjoying too much vodka & orange juice to never enjoy vodka or orange juice again.

If nothing else, if this passes, maybe our dispensaries in Milan & Fulton won't have such a long line.

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