Most of us have done it. Driving while texting. We all have our excuses for doing it. It's the important job related text we've been waiting for all day. It's sending out that text telling someone we're on our way. It's that last piece of the story your bestie was telling you before you got in the car. If you get caught doing it in Illinois after July 1, 2019, it will be considered a moving violation.

According to Fox 55/27 the current law doesn't consider the first time police stop us for a texting while driving a moving violation. That only happens if we get stopped for second or subsequent texting while driving violations. This is important because moving violations go on our driving record, and drivers with three violations in a year can have their license suspended.

We shouldn't need stronger laws to stop us from texting while driving. This sobering thought should be enough: Texting while driving is six times more dangerous than driving under the influence. That should be enough to get us to put our phones in our work bags. In our glove boxes. Or using the smart feature in our iPhone that turns on the do not disturb feature when it knows we're in the car. It may save us from the costs of a moving violation. It may very well save our lives.

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