"If 2020 was a movie", the tweet says.  @SwoopyTheMogul put together a video acting as a promotional trailer to a movie I'd be too depressed to actually go see.

Of course the trailer starts out in 2019 during the countdown to the new year as a remake spooked-out version of the Scorpions "Final Countdown" takes on a new meaning.

The video then lays out all the news stories that have added to the misery that is 2020.  Wildfires, COVID-19, Murder Hornets, firework manufacturing plants exploding like a nuclear bomb, Kobe, George Floyd, protests, uprisings, impeachments, the threat of World War 3, 5G, aliens, national emergencies.

You know...2020.

In case this movie is too scary for you let me recommend a few my family and I have seen this season.

Mom & Dad Stars Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair and is awesome!  It reminds me a lot of Zombieland in that it mixes horror with humor perfectly.  It's about a "virus" of sorts but it only effects parents and makes them want to kill their children.  Everyone is safe from everyone else but the children are in big trouble.  I don't know who wrote or directed this...but I know who wrote it.  A parent.  A tired, frustrated parent.

Another movie we watched recently was Friday the 14th part 6 since it was the only "Jason movie" that was available on Prime because I sure as hell wasn't going to PAY for a Friday the 13th movie.  It's a hard pass on this one.  I'd watch another round of Hubie Halloween with Adam Sandler before watching this crap again.

Happy haunting!

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