I was bummed out to hear that Kelly's Irish Pub in Davenport had closed its doors after a solid 12 year run.

And I suppose in some small way I was part of the problem. I loved that place, but only went a couple times a year. My wife and I would stop in for a Guinness on our way home from a Rising Knights football game, while the kids...well, I'm not exactly sure what the kids were doing. Maybe running around bothering other patrons, maybe knocking on the wall of doors. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is I guess I always thought Kelly's would be just be there, sitting on 53rd, waiting for me whenever I needed a beer and some fried food of some sort.

Kelly's St.Patrick's Day. Photo: Kelly's Irish Pub
Kelly's St.Patrick's Day. Photo: Kelly's Irish Pub

The St. Patrck's Day Party was legendary. Just the way St. Patrick himself would have wanted it--what with the skydiving leprechauns and blarney. I had hoped that one day the Dropkick Murphys, or U2 might be the headliner. It was seriously getting that big.

I think the tale of Irish pubs is like churches in a community--the more there are, the less trouble there is.

Now I've heard there may have been money problems that led to the closing of the place. I'm not saying we should start a Go Fund Me or anything, but a "Sharin' O' The Green" sure sounds catchy...and how great a story would it be if the community came together to give the skydiving Leprechauns a safe place to land?

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