I remember the first time I went to Hooters and saw what they did to birthday boys.

For those of you who've never had the pleasure, they stand the dude (usually an 18 to 21-year-old) up on a chair and they sing a song and clap.  If I remember correctly it was a song filled with innuendos about dongs.

It was innocent fun and guys would line up for this party trick.

gotpaint547 on YouTube.com
gotpaint547 on YouTube.com

Humiliation: The Ultimate Birthday Present

Have you ever been to a Mexican restaurant for your birthday?  I haven't...because I've been to a Mexican restaurant for OTHER people's birthdays.  Everyone sings and makes you wear a giant sombrero while the guy (who seemed so nice when he brought nachos) is hitting you on the head to the beat.

Then you take your shot of tequila and everyone laughs at you.  "Happy" birthday.

Shalz Vlogs on YouTube.com
Shalz Vlogs on YouTube.com

That's Nothing...Have You Heard of a Hurricane Slap Shot?

The Hurricane Slap Shot is a 3 step process.

  • Take your shot
  • Get a quick splash of water to the face
  • Receive a firm smack across your kisser.

Not sure where this originated, but the Hurricane Shot has been featured on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, a reality show on BravoTV that chronicles the lives of the crew members who work aboard a yacht.

Not really my thing...but if they had more frat boys being slapped maybe I'd give it a shot.

Bravo TV
Bravo TV

Where Would I be Able to Purchase this Shot? (asking for a very specific friend)

There's a bar in Ankeny, Iowa called Whiskey River.  Scrolling on TikTok, I found this video where bartenders get to live out their fantasy of smacking their patrons across the face.

Ankeny is just a short drive from Davenport, so who's up for a party?

@rugby_nhs_7 #whiskeyriver #whiskeyriverankeny #ankenyiowa #hurricaneshot ♬ original sound - Alivia Cornett

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