Here kitty kitty kitty.  Or maybe, in this case, stay away kitty kitty kitty.  This big cat was spotted just strolling along a residential bike path.

Rachel Port came across this bobcat in West Des Moines near 60th and EP True.  Which is very much in the city on the west side of Des Moines.  Rachel said the bobcat looked hungry and (as you can hear below) ticked off.

How common are bobcats in Iowa?

Bobcat population across the country is on the rise according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  And with urban sprawl more of these cats are being found in neighborhoods.

And this isn't just western Iowa that is seeing more of the bobcats.  Southeast Iowa and Central Iowa are seeing more bobcats as well.

Should you be scared to run into a bobcat?

While the sound of the video below might make you think otherwise, experts with the Iowa DNR say there is nothing to fear.  They say most times when a bobcat sees a human, the human won't see the bobcat cause the cat runs away.  And there are very few incidents of bobcats and your cat or dog getting into rumbles as well.

With those reassurances for you not to be scared, with an estimated 5,000-8,000 bobcats in Iowa, keeping an eye out for a big angry cat in your neighborhood may become more of a necessity.

As you can see, this one did not immediately run away.

And listen to it growl!


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