Members of the military have the best tips when it comes to packing a bag. They're used to traveling with a ton of gear, so they've pretty much got it down to a science.

Commando's Prepare to Leave For Afghanistan
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Here are their top five tips:

  1. Pull together all the stuff you want to bring, and then start packing. Create a staging area on the floor, or on your bed. That way you can see what you're bringing, figure out if it'll all fit, and pack more strategically.
  2. Pack in reverse order. Meaning the stuff you'll need right away should go on top, and the stuff you won't need should go on the bottom. It makes things easier if you're planning to live out of your suitcase for a few days.
  3. Don't just fold stuff, roll it. You save a lot of space that way, so you can pack more. If it's something bulky like a coat, you also might want to tie it up with string.
  4. Think about weight distribution. Meaning where does the heavy stuff go, and where does the light stuff go. If your bag is top heavy while you're dragging it behind you, it's more likely to fall over.
  5. Don't travel with a half-full suitcase. Especially if there's anything breakable in there, because your stuff can shift around. When in doubt, pack more socks. They'll fit anywhere, and having a few more pairs of socks is never a bad thing.

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