Here's some information that you can use to settle whatever arguments you may have around the loading of your dishwasher. Or you can just hand wash everything.

  1. Do not fully rinse dishes before loading. Your detergent works better when it has food to cling to on dishes, just scrape off the large particles and load them.
  2. Make sure the water is hot enough. Dishwashers work best when the water is at 120 degrees, consider adjusting the settings on your water heater.
  3. Keep plates on the bottom. The bottom rack is designed to hold plates so that the hot water passes through them to the top.
  4. Liquid and powder detergents are on the way out. Pre-measured gel packs and pods perform better than traditional liquid and powder detergents.
  5. Bowls and glasses are top rack only. These types of dishes nee to be loaded facing down in order to be cleaned properly, when they're on the bottom they stop water from hitting the top rack.
  6. Silverware can be organized randomly. Mixing and matching your silverware gets them cleaner, it also doesn't matter if they're handle up or down.
  7. Don't over-load the dishwasher. If the dishes overcrowd the washer, detergent can't circulate enough to clean them all.

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