Living in the picturesque state of Tennessee, with its vibrant cities, serene countryside, and rich cultural history, offers a unique blend of experiences for its residents. From the bustling streets of Nashville, known for its legendary country music scene, to the quiet, mountainous beauty of the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee has something for everyone. However, the cost of living can vary greatly depending on where you choose to lay your roots within the state.

Understanding how much money you need to make to not only survive but thrive in Tennessee is essential for anyone considering calling the Volunteer State home. This article delves into the various financial considerations to keep in mind, providing a comprehensive guide to what you'll need to earn to enjoy all that Tennessee has to offer.

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What is the average salary in Tennessee?

Tennessee ranks number 41 out of 63 states for salaries according to ZipRecruiter.


Annual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Top Earners$79,236$6,603$1,523$38
75th Percentile$63,891$5,324$1,228$31
25th Percentile$37,996$3,166$730$18

As of January 24, the average yearly income in Tennessee is reported to be $50,944. To break it down in simpler terms, this equates to around $24.49 per hour, or $979 weekly, or $4,245 monthly. The salary range in Tennessee typically falls between $35,713 (25th percentile) and $63,905 (75th percentile) on an annual basis.

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Earnings can differ widely depending on your job role, level of experience, and various other factors. Among the highest-paid positions in Tennessee are those of Neuroradiologist, Olympic Athlete, and Obstetrics Anesthesiologist. Additionally, certain regions within the state, like Nashville, offer higher average salaries as reported by ZipRecruiter.

Which cities in Tennessee have the highest average salary?

In Tennessee, each of the top 10 cities for the highest average earnings surpasses the state's average annual income of $50,944, indicating ample opportunities for income enhancement through relocation within the state.

However, it's important to consider that the cost of living could be higher in these locations. The cities with the highest average salaries in Tennessee include Nashville, with an average salary of $66,956, and Memphis, where the average salary stands at $62,146.

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
South Carthage$53,194$4,432$1,022$25.57
Tennessee Ridge$52,649$4,387$1,012$25.31


Which jobs have the highest salaries in Tennessee?

ZipRecruiter identified a minimum of ten job roles in Tennessee that offer salaries exceeding the state's average annual income of $50,944. Leading examples of these roles include Neuroradiologist, Olympic Athlete, and Obstetrics Anesthesiologist.

Olympic Athlete$390,293$32,524$7,505$187.64
Obstetrics Anesthesiologist$374,293$31,191$7,197$179.95
Veterinary Anesthesiologist$374,293$31,191$7,197$179.95
Cardiovascular Surgeon$365,237$30,436$7,023$175.60
Cardiac Surgeon$364,743$30,395$7,014$175.36

How much money do you need to make to survive in Tennessee?

With the information provided by ZipRecruiter, to survive and thrive in the state of Tennessee, you need to make around $50,944 yearly.  This equates to around $24.49 per hour, or $979 weekly, or $4,245 monthly.

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