We're almost halfway through 2018. You would think municipalities would learn not to let the internet have free rein over the naming of anything.

In a world where Boaty McBoatface is a thing, Houston really should have seen this coming. The public works department started a program that allows residents to claim a drain near them and commit to keeping it clear. It also let people name their drain, here's a few examples:

  • Mark Drain’s The Adventures of Storm Sawyer
  • Drainopaloosa
  • Drain-Ogh
  • Drain You
  • Mrs. DraineyMcDrainerFace
  • Mr. DraineyMcDrainerFace
  • The Pain Drain
  • So Proud Of My Large Wet Drainage Son
  • Leaf It Alone
  • WHATA-drain
  • Puddle Slayer
  • Oscar the Drain
  • My Sluggish Sewer
  • Home of Pennywise
  • Messy Drain Boy
  • One Drain One Dream

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