You've probably heard someone call the weather "hot as Hell" or "colder than a witch's you know." Now those sayings have actual temperatures.

Jim Webb, a web developer in D.C. decided to figure out what actual temperatures make people bust out those sayings. He wrote some code that pulled about 5,400 tweets from the past six months that used one of those phrases and the temperature in the location at the time.

Here are his results:

  • "Hot as Hell," "Hot as [eff]," and "Hot as [sh**]" – 86 degrees
  • "Hot as balls" – 84 degrees.
  • "Hot as heck" – 78 degrees.
  • "Cold as hell" – 48 degrees.
  • "Cold as [eff]" – 41 degrees.
  • "Cold as balls" – 37 degrees.
  • "Colder than a witch's [teat]" – 25 degrees.

Read more at Mashable.

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