Fraser Jack better be in love with how his living room was set up before he went out of town, because it's all set in stone now.

Jack is one of multiple homeowners in Winnipeg who are fighting with the aftermath of a sewer backup of wet concrete flooded their homes, encasing some of the homes main floors in a few inches of concrete.

The homeowners are upset about the city's response to the incident.

CBC Canada
CBC Canada

"I was hoping they would be around a little bit more to answer questions and give us some answers," he told CBC Canada, saying how the biggest frustration right now is him having to take time off work to deal with the damage.

The city's spokesperson told all of the homeowners they should contact all their insurance providers to find out the next step in dealing with the mess.

Winnipeg's spokesperson also said "If a resident believes the city, or a contractor working on the city's behalf, is responsible, they may choose to submit a claim to the city," as if it's just normal for gallons of concrete to just pour out of toilets, bathtubs and floor drains.

"It essentially came out of the toilet, spewing out of there," Jack told CBC. "It also filled up all the drain pipes, filling a quarter of my tub."

CBC reports a contractor was hired by the city to work on a new land drainage sewer trunk shaft down the street. The crew was "grouting the trunk shaft when a breach of the combined sewer occurred."

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