Yes, you read that headline correctly.

In Warren Ohio, the victim of a late-night robbery told police that the thief made him "pinky promise" not to turn him in for stealing his money.

According to a police report, the robbery happened on Sunday around 10:40 p.m. near a Pit Stop gas station.

The victim of the robbery was a 22-year-old man. He was walking down Youngstown Road SE when a man in a ski mask approached him. The ski mask man asked "Are you a drug dealer?" to which the man answered that he was not.

I guess that was the wrong answer because the robber then pulled out a pocket knife and demanded that he hand over money.

The robber took about $80 from the victim and then did what any good robber would do... He made the victim pinky promise that he wouldn't call the cops.

The robber then hopped on a bicycle and pedaled away into the night.


Obviously, the pinky swear was broken, and the cops were called. The victim was not able to give police a decent description of the robber, because it was dark outside and he was wearing a ski mask. Police searched the area for a man on a bicycle but did not find anyone.


This story was so bizarre, that the news clip ended up on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Here is what commenters had to say:

Leann ElizabethSo the victim broke a pinky promise? That's just so wrong. Can't trust anyone these days.

Shawn KinserUnless she crossed her heart and hoped to die, the pinky promise is null and void. Everyone knows that.

Tom TuttleWas it a stinky pinky?

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