The first time I saw High Five Sinners was at a battle of the bands to open for Sublime with Rome.  I was immediately a fan.  They didn't lean into the "jam band/reggae" style that some bands of this ilk tend to.  They were more rock band and a TON of personality.

I got to talk with Jake & Brady from local band High Five Sinners today.  They released a new video for their song "Turning Wheel" which you can see below.

We talked about how they come up with the video idea which they say just writes itself with the lyrical nature of the song.  They wanted to release a fun summer time song and this definitely fits the bill.  Pair that with the "1980's, "Twisted Sister-tesque" storytelling and video styling and you've got a fun few minutes ahead of you.

They hit up a community center in Clinton to shoot some of the scenes including a shot of a full classroom.  Good thing they got this recorded before covid went down.

We talked about "method acting" when Coach Jake finds the "kids" smoking dope under the bleachers.  A scene I'm sure they had to do over and over to get the "perfect take".

The band wishes they could put out more videos...more content during quarantine.  But I'm just happy they're doing what they're doing so we can enjoy this fun song and awesomely goofy personas.

So, as you enjoy your quarantine...spark one up and enjoy some High Five Sinners!

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