Hidden Valley Ranch is gearing up for Halloween early with an announcement of a new Hidden Valley Ranch costume and something new to hand out to the kids this year.

Hidden Valley's new costume is available now on the company's Ranch store. Also available, is a couple's add on that's a Pizza costume, because what else belongs together more than pizza and a little bit of ranch?

Also available on the web store is their new Hidden Valley Ranch Halloween Treat Size Packets. They're a small, single serving of Hidden Valley Ranch, shaped like a mini bottle. Their intent is that you hand these out for Halloween this year, with or without the candy.

As a 7-8 year old, these would be super disappointing. As a full-blown adult, this would be almost as exciting as that dad that hands out beers.

All I know for sure is that I'm going to be spending a stupid amount of money on ranch stuff this week.

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