What if Metallica frontman James Hetfield was an overweight feline who lived with a man who looked a lot like drummer Lars Ulrich?

That's the irresistibly silly premise of the comic strip Hetfield, which uses the long-running Garfield characters as the basis for a series of gags that mash up Metallica lyrics with jokes about hating Mondays and loving lasagna. The band's fans should get a kick out of just how little Garfield's iconic art needed to change in order to accommodate the change — while Garfield doesn't quite look like Hetfield, even with a little chin scruff added, that's obviously Ulrich's signature 'do that Garfield's owner Jon is now sporting — and the cat's dopey nemesis, the empty-headed dog known as Odie, looks a lot like another member of the band after just a few extra lines have been added.

Classic Rock Magazine reports that Hetfield is the work of musician and graphic artist Jimmy Two Hands, whose previous work includes another comic/rock hybrid, Danziggy, which puts goth metal icon Glenn Danzig inside the classic Ziggy strip in order to present the travails of "a punk/metal star struggling against the banal perils of modern life."

You can also check out Jimmy Two Hands' blog and listen to his music. Read a handful of Hetfield and Danziggy strips below, then visit the Hetfield archives and the Danziggy site for more.









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