Police in Tuckahoe, New York near Manhattan got a call last Wednesday about a pit bull named Sadie running loose in the streets and barking like crazy. So they tried to catch her, but couldn't.

She eventually led them back to her owner's house, and no one was home, but while the cops were walking around the property, they smelled GAS.

It turned out there was a major gas leak in the basement that could have caused an explosion.  And police think Sadie may have intentionally escaped to go find help.

There were scratch marks inside the front door and on one of the windows.  So she tried to get out that way first. Then she somehow managed to get the sliding glass door to the backyard open, and got through a fence.

Her owner says it's completely out of character. In 11 years, she's never run away before.  So at the very least, she must have smelled the gas and known it was bad.  But her owner thinks she was running to get help, not just running away.

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