An abundance of geolocated tweets has been used as a poll to find out what people hate to eat at Thanksgiving flavor.

Based on over 50,000 tweets, a map has been made to show what the most hated foods are by state.

  1. The most hated food overall is cranberry sauce, which is the least favorite of 17 states.
  2. The next most hated is green bean casserole, hated by 12 states.
  3. Third place hails stuffing, with 9 states hating it.
  4. In fourth place, sweet potatoes are hated by 6 states.
  5. Pumpkin pie tied for last, with turkey, both hated by 3 states.

That's right, three states hate turkey, and three hate pumpkin pie. I now know which states I will NOT be spending Thanksgiving in.

Check out the full map:


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