St. Patty's Day is a long celebrated holiday that Americans go out of their way to pull out all the stops for. Binge drinking, green food, green drinks, green rivers, and shamrocks everywhere. It's been taken over by Americans, but what actually are the best things we've gotten from Ireland? My vote is for redheads.

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A poll asked 2,000 adults to rate a list of Irish products, people, and traditions to decide what the best thing's from Ireland are.

  1. Guinness
  2. The Irish Accent
  3. Irish Lore- Four-leaf Clovers, leprechauns, pot-o-gold
  4. Author Oscar Wilde- Author of "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "The Importance of Being Earnest."
  5. Liam Neeson- Voice of Mufasa in Lion King, Qui-Gon-Jin in Phantom Menace, Dad from Taken 1-3, Bad Cop in Lego Movie, Alsan from Narnia, Grandpa of that little kid that runs through the airport in Love Actually. Essentially, one of the best actors out there right now.
  6. Riverdance
  7. St. Patrick's Day
  8. The Titanic- It was built in Northern Ireland, but apparently people didn't think about what happened after it left Ireland.
  9. Modern Submarines- Designed by John Phillip Holland.
  10. Jameson Irish Whiskey

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