On this day (January 9, 1969) Jimi Hendrix Experience played a show in Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden.  This is the first of 2 sets...and apparently he was a bit grumpy.  The 2nd set more upbeat.  The answer as to why?

Noel Redding wrote this in his 1990 book “Are You Experienced?”

“Sweden. Always the same problem – no drugs. We were forced to drink the killer Schnapps, and it brought on Jimi’s mood for the first set. In desperation I went out between shows and with much persistence managed to score a leaper. We huddled anxiously over the dressing room table, crushed the pill into a powder, shared it out, and snorted it. The second show was much more together and enthusiastic.”

See kids?  Don't drink!  It'll just make the 1st set seem lethargic before you snort pills!

1. Audience
2. MC Intro
3. Jimi Intro
4. Killin’ Floor
5. Spanish Castle Magic
6. Fire
7. Hey Joe
8. Voodoo Chile (slight return)
9. Red House
10. Sunshine Of Your Love
11. MC Outro



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