This Sunday, June 13th is Soul Train Day in downtown East Moline.

But isn't EVERY day Soul Train Day?  It sure can be it you make it.  But this particular day you can be a part of history.  You can help break the world record for the LONGEST Soul Train line ever!

The“Soul Train” dance is where participants form two lines and people dance down the middle in a tradition started by the syndicated 1971-2006 TV show of the same name.

According to the Guinness World Records website.

The largest Soul Train dance consists of 426 participants and was achieved by Goodyear Ballpark (USA) in Goodyear, Arizona, USA, on 4 July 2014.


The attempt took place as part of USA independence day celebrations

Find yourself  a partner and get dancin.  The train will begin at 1 o'clock at the bandshell in Downtown East Moline's Runners Park.

They'll have 4 DJ’s cueing the hits that will get your butt a shakin! DJ CANDYMAN, DJ MIXING MEL, DJ L-TRAIN and DJ MR. FREEZE

They need 500 people to break the record. Pre-registration required, register now!

A portion of the proceeds will go to Youth Hope where kids and teens learn purpose, build character, and grow in faith. You can get tickets here.

Then after the potential record breaking event...check out live music featuring 10 OF SOUL!


Find more info on Facebook or at

For all general and signup question message Soul Train Sunday on Facebook or call 309-737-7572.

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