Saturday, November 5th...the air will be filled with the familiar smell of exhaust and burning tires. The crunch of metal and revving of engines will be heard all over Davenport as the last demo derby of the season happens. Halloween Havoc will be the final showdown between old rivals and new challengers as they battle it out on the track to become this year’s demo derby champion!


Wear your favorite costume and head out to Halloween Havoc at the Mississippi valley fairgrounds!

If you’re wondering how to make the most of your next demo day experience, a great costume will help you make your time at the track even more memorable. Whether you’re planning on attending the race with your family, friends or coworkers, dressing up will bring new life to your outing and can really liven up any bland situation. So whether you’re looking for the best spectator costume ideas or want to be part of an awesome team costume, you're going to have an amazing time at Halloween Havoc!

After the kids' power wheels event, the main event rolls though with multiple classes of Demolition Derby Action!

Pit Passes are $30 for all ages. The grandstand opens at 2pm with Adults $15.00, Ages 6-12 $10.00 and 5 & Under free.

Listen to The Bill Stage Radio Show this week because I'll be giving you free tickets!  Make sure you've got the 97X app downloaded and I'll ask you to use the "Chat" button to enter.

Good Luck!

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