If you're going bald, you don't have to stand there feeling sorry for yourself while you watch your hair circle the drain. A new survey found 54% of women think bald guys are sexy.


Here are more stats from the survey:

  1. 97% of women would date a guy with "minor" hair loss. So just 3% require a thick, full head of hair. 89% said they'd date a guy with "moderate" hair loss, like a receding hairline or a bald spot. 76% would date a guy who's totally bald.
  2. When they had women do word association with the word "bald," the top three words they came up with were "male," "men," and "sexy."
  3. 3. 30% of guys who are going bald think it's negatively affected their love life. 68% said it hasn't affected it, and just 2% said it's had a positive effect.
  4. 4. The survey also found the most important thing when you're dating someone is their personality, followed by their looks, their education, their job, and how much money they make.

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