We sent Hairball out to Cordova International Speedway yesterday to take part of their Media Race Day, where they allow members of the media to race each other on the drag strip.

A local dealership provided vehicles to the track for a day where media was able to go out and interview racers like Rick Jones, Pat Richardson, Bill Lindle, and Larry Griffith, all of who are being inducted into the World Series of Drag Racing Hall of Fame.

After interviews, it was time to race.

Hairball climbed into a black Chevy pickup in one lane, with Royce Miller in the passenger seat to coach him.

He faced off against a local news station's reporter to the 1/8th mile finish line.

Let's just say, there's a reason Hairball is always first on the scene. 

When he finished, they handed him a sheet with his times on it.

Townsquare Media

Demolition Derby's weren't his thing, but he might be able to pull off drag racing. Once it was said and done, he had the lowest time out of all the media people!

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