Randy Schmitz a 30-year-old guy from Chicago was on vacation in Myrtle Beach last summer, and decided to check out the Pepper Palace, a place that sells crazy hot sauces.

The hottest sauce they sell is called "Flashbang." It's a combination of four peppers: Carolina Reaper, scorpion, ghost pepper, and habanero. He had to sign a waiver just to try a tiny bit on a toothpick.

(Randy Schmitz)

They have a challenge where you put some on your tongue, and can't drink water for five minutes. He did it, but he was hurting pretty bad. So he sat down on a bench outside, started puking, passed out, and had a seizure.

He woke up in a hospital, where doctors found a two-and-a-half inch brain tumor. They think it would have caused a seizure eventually, but thanks to the hot sauce they found it early. Randy had surgery, chemo, radiation, and now he's now cancer free.

He recently wrote a letter to the Pepper Palace to thank them for saving his life. They responded by sending him a year's supply of the hot sauce, he says he's too nervous to try it again at this point.

(Randy Schmitz)
(Randy Schmitz)

The Pepper Palace has published his letter:

Hi, It has taken me a while to write this letter, but I have been meaning to. I was with my brother, my sisters, my parents, my fiancé, and my sister's boyfriends over the summer for my first time ever at Myrtle Beach. We were having a blast and stepped into your store. I have always loved hot sauce so I decided to take the Pepper Palace Flashbang challenge. I dipped the toothpick and tried it. It was pretty darn hot, but since I didn't have a huge amount of it, I got over it in a few minutes.

My sister was about to take the challenge and sign her name too. I told her to wait cause I wasn't feeling so well. I stepped out of your store and sat on a bench right outside. The next thing I knew I had woken up on a stretcher in a hospital room, covered in vomit. It turns out that I had the 1st seizure of my life (I am 30 years old). After getting an MRI, it was found that I had a cancer brain tumor, and it is likely that this sauce activated it. I want to say "THANK YOU." I really believe this hot sauce giving me the seizure ended up saving my life!!!!! The doctors did not know how long the cancerous tumor had been there and they said if it did not get activated, it would have just kept growing and expanding. I had surgery, got the tumor removed, went on radiation and chemotherapy, and I am now cancer free!! Your Flashbang Pepper Sauce SAVED MY LIFE!!!! Thank you so much and I included some pics of me at the place and then after effects.

One other thing, after the seizure first happened, my mom ran into the store yelling that the product was destroying me or something like that. She wants to say she is so sorry and she too is so grateful that this saved my life. I also forgot to mention that the situation all took place less than 3 months from my wedding. Because of the amazing timing, I was able to finish up my radiation treatment in 7 weeks, just before my Wedding/Honeymoon.

Thank you Pepper Palace,