Every single time I see a commercial on TV talking about some incredible offer for new customers I get angry!

"Wait...I've been a paying customer for 5 years...why to NEW customers get a free bedazzled spatula when they sign up?"

It's not fair!  All the good deals come to those new clients and all of us loyalists get the shaft.  And guess what...the shaft isn't even BEDAZZLED!

What's even worse is when you've been a loyal customer for years and the business ends up jacking up the rate on you with out notice.  I was never late on my bill.  I didn't pay with confederate money...it was real legal tender. In fact, I may have even talked to my friends about my service which was a bit of a referral if not unearned media on the socials.

I've never been afraid to call and gripe to my internet people or cell phone place.  I come from a long line of Stages that love to bitch about poor service.  So, I'll call and threaten to cancel and switch to blah blah blah.  Sometimes it's an empty threat because I don't want to loose my phone number or sometimes I'm really ready to pull the trigger and leave.

So, griping and complaining is a strong suit for me.  I've never considered writing and performing a song in order to save money.

This guy filmed his call to AT&T asking to get his Internet bill reduced.  He doesn't get the answer he wants so he sings a song, which includes the threat of him taking his business elsewhere.  That does the trick.



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