Every person on the planet has put together their parent's pots and pans and made themselves a drum set at some point in their life. It's almost a rite of passage. Some people go to more extremes than others.

A guy on YouTube who goes by 'Deden Noy' put together a drum set made out of what he could find; paint cans, water jugs, frying pan lids, and whatever else he could find that made good sounds.

He recently went viral for a cover he did of Rush's Tom Sawyer, which he plays better than most drummers I know can play on their $2,000 drumsets.

The guy's done plenty of covers, playing songs like Rosanna by Toto.

He also gets a little heavier, covering System Of a Down as well.

Deden must really like Rush, because he also nails a cover of Spirit of Radio, which is the only band he plays two covers from.

You make do with what you've got. I'd hire this guy to play a gig with what he's got.

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