A man in Ridgecrest, California was arrested on Saturday after firing a shotgun at a vehicle, according to the Ridgecrest Police Department.

On December 4th, around 10:50pm, officers with the RPD were called to the Ridgecrest Regional Hospital regarding victims of a shooting.

When officers arrived they found that the two male victims, 17 and 18-years old, were driving around in a pick-up truck with water balloons.

The two teens were driving around town when they came across the suspect, 63-year-old Mark Shell, who was asleep in his truck.

Ridgecrest Police Department
Ridgecrest Police Department

As they drove by, the boys threw a water balloon at Shell's vehicle.

While inspecting his vehicle for damage, Shell saw that the two boys were on their way back by. So, naturally, Shell grabbed his 12 gauge shotgun from the truck.

When they drove by, Shell shot the boys' driver-side door. Damage was done to the driver's door of the truck and minor injuries were sustained by the kid driving.

Shell then left in his truck.

A few hours later, officers located Shell and his truck. Shell went into custody without incident, and officers found the shotgun inside the truck.

Ridgecrest Police Department
Ridgecrest Police Department

He was later transported to Bakersfield and booked into the Kern County Jail on the following charges:

(PC) 664/187 – Attempted Murder
(PC) 245(a)(2) – Assault with a firearm
(PC) 29800(a)(1)-Felon in possession of firearm.
(PC) 30305(a)(1)- Felon in possession of ammunition
(PC) 246 – Shoot at an occupied vehicle

Check out their post below for more info:

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