At the risk of sounding like some kind of putz who's never been to a Hawkeyes Football Game, I mentioned the other morning that "I've never been to a Hawkeyes Football game."

And, not wanting to head to Iowa City looking like a noob who doesn't know where to park or what time to get there or how to tailgate the right way... I threw out a couple questions:
- "Where do you park?"
- "What time should I get there?"
- "What makes for a great tailgate party?"

Fortunately, I got a bunch of great suggestions and now this Saturday... I won't look like the guy that I really am!

Townsquare Media
  • Park at the library off Burlington, walk up to Melrose, take in all the sights, go to the game, walk back to the library and drive off with no waiting.
  • You can take in up to 2 unopened bottles of water per person. Buy them outside for a buck. Inside $4.75
  • Park at Iowa City Mennonite Church. Short walk and money goes to the youth group.
  • Park on North side of Roosevelt School. 5 min walk to stadium and a great group of tailgaters.
  • Park at the Coral Ridge Mall by the Hawkeye store. Walk over to IHOP and get of the Hawkeye Express, it's a train that takes you right to Kinnick
  • Go to 218 south, Melrose exit, park at Finkbine Golf Course. Just short of a mile to walk from there and there's an open air bar halfway to quench your thirst. Easy in and out, great tailgating.
  • Wait at least 3 hours to leave town to avoid the crazies. Go enjoy a meal at Zombie Burger, people watch a bit, then try to leave.
  • If you can get in a parking garage, go to parking garage. Otherwise there are parking lots everywhere but you'll be walking. You can tailgate in the hospital parking garages because the athletic department owns them.