So, my band, Folk n' Stage's are playing at Geneseo Brewing Company tomorrow (10/19/19) and their Head Brewer, Glenn Cole had the brilliant idea about coming in...promoting the gig and bringing me beer!

It was a win-win.

Glenn is a super creative guy so that means he's got his hands in a TON of different things.  He's a super beer geek, so he loves talking about beer...and I love listening and drinking.

He talked about the Brotality Brew which is a collaboration with Geneseo Brewing Co, Midwest Ale Works and his former place of business, Bent River Brewing Company.  They each brought their own hops, malt, yeast and tossed it in the vat and out came sunshine & good vibes.

Another project is this Barrel Aging Project where he takes old barrels from Jack Daniels and other different liquors to store different beers.  It's gonna be amazing.

We talked about GBC getting involved with the Carson King situation and the future of the "Iowa Legend" brew.

Plus, Learn to Homebrew Day, Stardust Queen Beer (a tribute to his grandmother), live music and a cryptic Facebook post turns into a cryptic interview answer.


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